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  • Since 1906, Justrite has been recognized as an industry leader in the safe management of flammable liquids and other hazardous materials. Today our products include safety cabinets and large outdoor storage buildings, safety vessels and containers for laboratory and industrial applications, spill containment, secondary spill containment, safety showers and eye/face washes, gas cylinder handling equipment, and a range of custom engineered solutions.

    Backed by a century of experience, Justrite is the leading authority for safely managing flammable liquids. Specially designed to reduce fire risks, protect workers and improve productivity, all products meet applicable OSHA and EPA regulations and many have been independently 3rd party tested and approved by FM Global and/or Underwriters Laboratories. The STUD-E™ Safety Survey offers ways to safely store, transfer, use, and dispose of flammable liquids, and has been recognized as a vital part of environmental, health, and safety programs worldwide.
    Product solutions include: Sure-Grip®EX safety cabinets for flammables and corrosives, Type I and Type II AccuFlow™ safety cans, oily waste cans, laboratory containers, plunger and bench cans, Smokers Cease-Fire® smoking receptacles, drum funnels and vents,  aerosol can recycling, LPG cylinder  lockers, and EcoPolyBlend™ spill containment equipment such as spill control pallets, IBC pallets, overpacks, spill trays and drum caddies.