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Metrology Dept.


  • Kolb and Baumann were founded over 60 years ago by Mr. August Baumann and Adolf Kolb.

    From the beginning the production of gauge blocks was the major task. First this happened in manual labour, later lapping machines were purchased or even were built.

    In addition to this came the development of gauge block accessories, e.g., in the course of which the KOBA-gauge block holder was patented.

    In 1962 Mr Dipl.-Ing Adolf Baumann joined the company. Owing to his intensive efforts KOBA became a world-wide operating and recognized company in this branch.

    It was in 1979 when Kolb & Baumann got accredited by the Physikalisch-Technische Bundsesanstalt (PTB) as the eighth calibration laboratory in Germany.

    Today the accreditation for the measuring size "length" comprises among other things gauge blocks up to nominal size 1000 mm, measuring instruments, gauges and optical flats.

    In 1985 the development and production of calibration masters for the coordinate metrology appeared as a further sphere of activity.

    KOBA is the only manufacturer to offer one, two and three-dimensional test bodies for tactile coordinate measuring instruments. The latest member of this product group is the optical calibration master "KOBA-OPTIMA" for the monitoring and traceability of photogrammetry and theodolite measuring systems.

    KOBA supplies world-wide in over 40 countries and is also supplier for gauge blocks and calibration masters to various National Physical Laboratories.

    At present Kolb and Baumann employ approx. 50 assistants the majority of them are active in the production.

    KOBA is an independent family-owned company. The future existence as a medium-ranking family company will be guaranteed by Dipl.-Bw. Alexander Baumann joining the management.

    In future also the company will do everything to supply their customers any time with high-value German quality products. This tradition is an obligation for the future.