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Safety Dept.


  • DEREKDUCK established in 1992, has been devoting to innovation, R&D, and creation of appropriate body protection. We offer body protection solutions applicable to both medical and industrial fields, which includes chemical protective clothing and infection control gowns. Corporate slogan is “You are safe with us!”, as we assured frontline operators to work safely even though exposed to hazardous situations in workplace. As a manufacturer with decades of experience in nonwoven materials, DEREKDUCK is known with Professional Service, Technical Support and High Quality Products, which gained recognition world-wide in over 40 countries.

    DEREKDUCK launched own protective clothing brand ULTITEC in 2008 with brand slogan “Act without fear!”. This is to commend frontline heroes as they are the ones dealing with toxic dust or liquid hazards, and ULTITEC can be their occupational safety shield in preventing workplace disasters. ULTITEC is made of words “ULTIMATE” and “PROTECTION”, as our intention is to make sure frontline operators get appropriate protection even though exposed to dangerous environment and get home safely after mission completed.